french brioche

Delicious French Brioche (Sweet Bread)

Brioches are deli­cious sweet breads. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, they are hard to find in the US. Thanks to this easy recipe, you can make your own deli­cious French brioche! So excit­ed to share this recipe with you!

french brioche

This won­der­ful Brioche recipe is from a fel­low French blog­ger. You can view it on her blog in French here.


For the Brioche:

3 1/2 fl. oz. Low Fat Milk (100ml)
1 oz. Gran­u­lat­ed Sug­ar (30g)
3/4 of 1 tea­spoon of Salt
1 Egg
9 oz. Flour (250g)
1 oz. Unsalt­ed But­ter (35g)
1/2 oz. Fresh Yeast (17.5g)

For the Brioche Sur­face (to put on the sur­face of the Brioche pri­or to baking):

1 Egg
Raw Cane Sug­ar or Pearl Sug­ar

Finding Fresh Yeast

You will find Fresh Yeast in the refrig­er­at­ed sec­tion of your gro­cery store, and it looks like this:

fresh yeast

In case you live in an area where it is dif­fi­cult to find fresh yeast, you can order it online on the NY Bak­ers site.

Alter­na­tive­ly, you can use 1 enve­lope of dry yeast (1/4oz.). How­ev­er, the brioche tastes bet­ter when made with fresh yeast. 


You will need a food proces­sor with a dough blade. I have this one: 


Making the Dough

Step 1: In a food proces­sor with the dough blade on, put the fol­low­ing ingre­di­ents IN THIS ORDER: milk, gran­u­lat­ed sug­ar, salt, 1 egg, and flour. It is very impor­tant to fol­low the order. Knead in your food proces­sor for 1 minute.

Step 2: After 1 minute of knead­ing, add the Fresh Yeast in lit­tle pieces.

Step 3: Con­tin­ue knead­ing in the food proces­sor. In a food proces­sor with var­i­ous speeds, knead for 10 min­utes on speed num­ber 2. If you have a food proces­sor with only 1 strong speed, knead for about 5 minutes.

Step 4: Add the but­ter at room temperature.

Step 5: Knead again on speed num­ber 2 for about 5 min­utes (or less if your proces­sor only has one strong speed), until the but­ter is ful­ly incor­po­rat­ed into the oth­er ingre­di­ents. You should be able to remove the dough from the food proces­sor with­out it stick­ing too much to the sides. If not the case, knead some more. (Note: It is nor­mal for the dough to be sticky, but it should not be too sticky.)

dough out of food procesor

Step 6 : Put the dough in a large sal­ad bowl, and cov­er it with a kitchen tow­el like this:

Keep it cov­ered for 1 hour and 30 min­utes. The dough should dou­ble in size, and look like this:

Making the Brioche

Step 1: Once the dough has dou­bled in size, take it out of the bowl, and put it on a flat sur­face cov­ered in flour. With your fist, apply pres­sure to the dough by push­ing in mul­ti­ple times to remove gas.

Step 2: Divide the dough in 3 pieces of about equal size. Make 3 long cylin­ders, and make a braid like this:


Step 3: Cov­er the Brioche with a kitchen tow­el, and keep it cov­ered for 45 min­utes. The dough should rise again. 


Step 4: Beat 1 egg with a fork, and brush it on the sur­face of the brioche with a pas­try brush. Sprin­kle with raw cane sug­ar or pearl sug­ar.

Step 5: Put the brioche in the oven at 350 degrees Fahren­heit. (Do not pre­heat the oven, put the brioche straight in). Bake for 30 minutes. 

Option­al: sprin­kle with more raw cane sug­ar or pearl sug­ar

brioche with belgian pearl sugar
Brioche with Bel­gian pearl sugar

You just made a French Brioche from scratch! Congratulations!

Bon Appétit!

French Mom



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