About French Mom Cooking:

I am a French Mom liv­ing in the Unit­ed States. Every year, I go back to France and each time, I am in awe of how deli­cious the food is. Sim­ple easy meals are just unbe­liev­ably healthy and tasty. There are just so many ben­e­fits to French cook­ing and bak­ing! Every time I come back to the US, I yearn for French every­day cook­ing. So I decid­ed to teach myself how to cook French food, using French cook­books and the feed­back of my French fam­i­ly. I spent a Sum­mer in France cook­ing every sin­gle day com­plete meals for my fam­i­ly and friends. I enjoyed every sin­gle minute of it, and so did they!

Back in the US, I am deter­mined to apply every­thing I learned in French cook­ing and con­tin­ue to cook and eat deli­cious every­day French meals! It won’t be easy as some recipe ingre­di­ents will prob­a­bly be hard to find on the US mar­ket. I will also have to con­vert met­ric mea­sure­ments and trans­late recipes, among oth­er things. How­ev­er, I am look­ing for­ward to doing it!

I will share my jour­ney with you, so you too can enjoy French every­day cooking!

Bon appétit!

Flo­rence, a.k.a French Mom

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