fresh fruit cookies

Quick and Easy Fresh Fruit Cookies

Get your kids (or your­self!) excit­ed to eat fruit with this quick and easy fresh fruit cook­ies recipe! 

fresh fruit cookies

This is a recipe by French chef Jean-Fran­cois Mal­let (Sim­plis­sime desserts). Please note, I made a few changes to it.


For about 12 cookies

3 1/2 oz. all-pur­pose flour (100g)
3 1/2oz. unsalt­ed but­ter at room tem­per­a­ture (100g)
2 oz. gran­u­lat­ed sug­ar (50g)
4 or 5 straw­ber­ries, cut in slices
24 blue­ber­ries

Making the cookies

Step 1

Pre­heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Mix the but­ter with the sug­ar, using the tip of your fingers.

Step 3

Add the flour. Con­tin­ue mix­ing with the tip of your fingers.

Step 4

On a bak­ing pan cov­ered with parch­ment paper, make cir­cle shapes with the dough.

circle shapes

Step 5: Add the slices of straw­ber­ries and the blueberries.

fruit added

Mom tip: you can make fun­ny faces with the blue­ber­ries as the eyes, and the straw­ber­ry as the nose or mouth. This will get your kids super excit­ed about eat­ing fresh fruit cookies!

Step 6

Bake in oven for 15 min­utes. Let the cook­ies cool down.

Option­al: Sprin­kle with pow­dered sug­ar. Enjoy these fresh fruit cookies!


Bon Appétit!!

French Mom


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