Kitchen Must-Haves

kitchen must-haves

The oth­er day, as I was stir­ring the sauce for my turkey blan­quette, I was think­ing how glad I am I bought these wood­en spoons. Such an inex­pen­sive buy, and so incred­i­bly help­ful! I don’t think I could ever cook again with­out these spoons. I use them all the time for lit­er­al­ly every­thing! This gave me the idea of writ­ing a post on kitchen must-haves. You can spend a lot of mon­ey on kitchen gad­gets that you bare­ly use, while there are some kitchen tools that aren’t expen­sive that you use all the time! For those of you who don’t know what to get and don’t want to spend a for­tune on things you don’t real­ly need, this arti­cle is for you! These kitchen must-haves are all you real­ly need for French cook­ing and baking!

These are the top 15 kitchen uten­sils I use all the time and are absolute must-haves in my kitchen!

1. A Kitchen Scale

Every recipe requires mea­sur­ing ingre­di­ents. A kitchen scale allows you to weigh pret­ty much any­thing you need to weigh, and it lets you choose the mea­sure­ment unit you want to use. So you can weigh in grams or ounces!  So con­ve­nient for French cook­ing and bak­ing! All you need is a basic kitchen scale, which is quite inexpensive.

2. A Measuring Cup

I am not talk­ing about these sets that come with var­i­ous cups of var­i­ous sizes, I am talk­ing about one sin­gle mea­sur­ing cup that does it all. I use mine all the time. It is so help­ful and total­ly inex­pen­sive. For French cook­ing and bak­ing, I rec­om­mend this one that mea­sures in all units, includ­ing grams and cups:

3. A Mixing Bowl

Notice all these recipes that tell you to mix ingre­di­ents in a big bowl?! You need one and a good one, that you can wash in your dish­wash­er. I have this one. Love it and use it all the time!

4. Dishes that go in the microwave, the oven, AND THE DISHWASHER!

This is a must. You want a set of ver­sa­tile dish­es that are dish­wash­er-safe (because who wants to spend their time doing dish­es?), that can be used in the oven, the microwave, the fridge, the freez­er, every­where!! I love these from the Pyrex brand:

5. A Good Skillet

Obvi­ous­ly a must-have. I cook so many things in the skil­let: chick­en, fish…etc. You need a good non-stick one. Love the T‑fal brand. I had mine for many years and it is still in per­fect shape! Well worth it!

6. Pots and strainers

This is anoth­er obvi­ous one, you prob­a­bly already have those in your kitchens. I will say though, that I find it very help­ful to have var­i­ous sizes of pots and strain­ers. For exam­ple, I find small pots to real­ly be best when mak­ing sauces.

Also, I love my tiny strain­ers for sprin­kling pow­dered sug­ar over cakes:

7. A Good Non-Stick Cake Pan

If you are going to bake, you obvi­ous­ly need this. The cake pan I use the most is this incred­i­bly con­ve­nient spring­form pan. Absolute­ly love the easy-release fea­ture, that makes get­ting the cake out of the pan super easy!

8. A Tart Pan

This is a must have for French cook­ing and bak­ing. Quich­es, sweet and savory tarts are a sta­ple of French cui­sine. You want a pan with a remov­able bot­tom, which makes it super easy to get the tart out. Like this one:

9. A Rolling Pin

Because tarts are such a sta­ple of French cui­sine, I use my rolling pin all the time. I like the wood­en ones with han­dles on the side best.

10. A Food Processor That Does it All

A food proces­sor that does it all is so help­ful! My kitchen proces­sor slices, shreds, chops, purées, emul­si­fies, and even kneads! So I can even use it to make brioche! Instead of hav­ing mul­ti­ple uten­sils that do all these things, it is so much bet­ter to just have one good food proces­sor that does every­thing you will ever need. Such a great invest­ment! This is the one I have:


11. Wooden spoons

As I stat­ed ear­li­er, I use my wood­en spoons all the time. When­ev­er a recipe calls for stir­ring or mix­ing any­thing, I find that my wood­en spoons do the best job. A great inex­pen­sive buy!

12. A Good Vegetable Peeler

This is anoth­er obvi­ous one. Cook­ing and bak­ing requires a lot of peel­ing of veg­eta­bles and fruits. A veg­etable peel­er that gets the job done eas­i­ly and quick­ly is a must-have. The OXO brand makes the best veg­etable peelers.

13. A Cutting Board

Where do you cut every­thing? On a cut­ting board. This is an obvi­ous one, but worth men­tion­ing, if you don’t already have one.

14. Whiskers

A must-have for bak­ing. Most cakes require whisk­ing eggs so you need a whisker. An elec­tric one will make your life much eas­i­er as it gets the job done quick­ly and easily.

15. A Dutch Oven

This is not a must-have for every­thing you cook, but in French cook­ing, so many dish­es require a dutch oven, I feel it is a must-have when cook­ing French. There are some very expen­sive beau­ti­ful dutch ovens (think Le Creuset), but all you need is one that gets the job done. I have this one, which is rea­son­ably priced and does every­thing I need it to do:

I used it for my Boeuf Bour­guignon, my Chick­en Basquaise, my Cas­soulet and my Turkey Blan­quette.

Voilà! These are my top 15 kitchen must-haves! Oth­er kitchen tools are great to have too, but these items are all you real­ly need!

Hap­py Shopping!

French Mom