mediterranean cod en papillote

Light, Healthy and Flavorful Fish

Today, I want to share with you a French Cook­ing Tech­nique which works won­ders with fish. It is called “en papil­lote”, which essen­tial­ly means wrap­ping the fish in parch­ment paper and bak­ing it in the oven. This allows for the fla­vors to min­gle and inten­si­fy as the fish cooks in its own steam. The result is light, healthy and fla­vor­ful fish. You can do it with any fish, but today I will show you how to do it with Cod using mediter­ranean fla­vors (toma­toes, olives and onions). It is extreme­ly easy to do and delicious. 

mediterranean cod en papillote
Mediter­ranean Cod en papillote


For one person:

Half a filet of Cod
2 Small Grape Tomatoes
4 or 5 Black Olives sliced
4 or 5 Small Stripes of Yel­low Onion
A Driz­zle of Extra Vir­gin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

All of these ingre­di­ents are very easy to find on the US market.

Cooking Technique “en papillote”:

To cook “en papil­lote” you will need 4 sheets of parch­ment paper.

Step 1: Put the 4 sheets of parch­ment paper on top of one anoth­er. Like this:

parchment paper
Parch­ment Paper


Step 2: Put your fish in the mid­dle of the parch­ment paper with the toma­toes, olives and onions over it.

fish on parchment
Fish on parch­ment paper with toma­toes, olives and onion


Step 3: Wrap the fish in the parch­ment paper as if you were wrap­ping a present. You want to make sure it is closed tight­ly. This is the so called “papil­lote”. It looks like this:



Step 4: Put the papil­lote in the oven for 20 min­utes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 5: Take the papil­lote out of the oven. Open it and add a driz­zle of olive oil along with salt and pepper.

Now enjoy!

mediterranean cod en papillote
Mediter­ranean Cod en papillote

Bon Appétit!

French Mom

4 thoughts on “Light, Healthy and Flavorful Fish

  1. Thank you for this recepe. Indeed it is so easy to cook, very healthy and tasty. Yum­my! We have eat­en it yes­ter­day as well! A week-end of recipes 😉

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