Quick and Easy Mushroom Chicken

This is a quick and easy mush­room chick­en recipe, that always pleas­es every­one, includ­ing kids!


This recipe is sim­i­lar to the Tar­ragon Chick­en recipe in the way the chick­en is cooked, but the fla­vors are dif­fer­ent. Cook­ing chick­en with a creamy mush­room sauce is typ­i­cal from the French region of The Pays d’Auge (in the north­west of France), and it is a sta­ple in my family’s kitchen in France.

Ingredients for the Mushroom Chicken:

For 4 peo­ple:

4 Skin­less Chick­en Breasts
12 ounces of Light Sour Cream
1 tea­spoon of Dijon mus­tard
500 grams of White Mush­rooms
Option­al: Fresh Rose­mary

All the ingre­di­ents are easy to find in the US. You can even buy already sliced mush­rooms so you don’t have to slice them! If you can’t find Dijon mus­tard, just get reg­u­lar yel­low mus­tard. As always, I assume you already have Olive Oil in your home.

Cooking the chicken:

Step 1: Heat 2 Table­spoons of Olive Oil in the skil­let. Once the oil is hot, add the chick­en cut in small pieces. Cook the chick­en until its sides are no longer pink and become white. Like this:

chicken in small pieces cut on oline oil
Chick­en cooked in olive oil


Step 2: Add the sliced mush­room, the light sour cream and the mus­tard.

chicken in skillet with mushroom , cream and mustard
Chick­en in skil­let with mush­room, cream and mus­tard


Step 3: Con­tin­ue cook­ing the chick­en with the mush­room, cream and mus­tard for 10 min­utes on low heat, stir­ring from time to time.

OPTIONAL: Step 4: Add the rose­mary and/or salt and pep­per if you wish.

Mom Tip: if your kids are picky eater, do not add the rose­mary.

Mix and Serve:


I rec­om­mend serv­ing it with rice or pota­toes. Deli­cious!

Bon Appétit!

French Mom

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