chicken with paprika and tarragon

Quick and Easy Tarragon Chicken

I love this Chick­en Recipe. Deli­cious, easy, and quick to make. It is per­fect for when you have lim­it­ed time and want to cook chick­en that every­one, includ­ing kids, will love to eat!

chicken with paprika and tarragon

This recipe is from a book I own called “Sim­plis­sime” by Jean-Fran­cois Mal­let, who is a French chef and author of many cookbooks.

I love Mal­let’s book as it con­tains straight-for­ward recipes that are easy to make and always deli­cious. You can pur­chase the book in French here:

There is also an Eng­lish ver­sion of the book. Full dis­clo­sure: I do not own the Eng­lish ver­sion of Mal­let’s book so I do not know if it con­tains exact­ly the same recipes as the French one. You can pur­chase the Eng­lish ver­sion here:

Ingredients for Tarragon Chicken

The great thing about this recipe is you can eas­i­ly find all the ingre­di­ents on the US market!

Ingre­di­ents for 4 people:

2 Table­spoons of Olive Oil
6 Branch­es of Fresh Tarragon
4 Skin­less Chick­en Breasts
4 Table­spoons of Paprika
33 cen­tiliters (which rough­ly equals 11 US ounces) of Sour Cream

To give you an idea of what this list of ingre­di­ents looks like in the US, this is what I found at my local gro­cery store:

ingredients for tarragon chicken
Ingre­di­ents for Tar­ragon Chicken


I always have Olive Oil in my kitchen. This is a must when cook­ing French! I rec­om­mend Extra Vir­gin Olive Oil, which is the best one.

Cooking the Chicken:

Step 1: Heat 2 Table­spoons of Olive Oil in a skil­let. Once the oil is hot, add the chick­en cut in small pieces. Cook the chick­en until its sides are no longer pink and become white. Like this:

cooking the chicken
Chick­en cut in small pieces cooked in olive oil


Step 2: Add the Papri­ka and the Sour Cream

chicken in skillet with paprika and sour cream
Chick­en in skil­let with papri­ka and sour cream


Step 3: Con­tin­ue cook­ing the Chick­en with the Papri­ka and Sour Cream on low heat for 10 min­utes, stir­ring from time to time.

Step 4: Add the Tar­ragon. You can also add salt and pep­per if you wish. Note: depend­ing on how much you like tar­ragon, you can add the tar­ragon soon­er in the cook­ing process. In that case, the ingre­di­ents will have more time to mix, and the sauce will have more of a tar­ragon taste. 

Mix and Serve:

chicken with paprika and tarragon

Mom Tip: If your kids are picky eaters, just remove the tar­ragon when you serve your kids. Keep the tar­ragon when you serve adults.

I rec­om­mend serv­ing it with rice. The sauce is deli­cious with rice!


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  1. I bought the cook­book, and the Amer­i­can ver­sion uses light cream. It was deli­cious! Next time I will try it with sour cream. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Thanks for your feed­back on the Eng­lish ver­sion of Mal­let’s book. Glad you enjoyed the recipe!

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