Col­or­ful Bell Pep­per Tart
Serv­ings Prep Time
4peo­ple 20min­utes
Cook Time
Serv­ings Prep Time
4peo­ple 20min­utes
Cook Time
  1. Rinse the bell pep­pers. Cut them in halves and remove the seeds. Cut them in stripes as pic­tured.
  2. Pre­heat oven to 390 degrees Fahren­heit. Place one sheet of puff pas­try on parch­ment paper. If your puff pas­try isn’t already rec­tan­gu­lar-shaped, use a knife to cut it in a rec­tan­gle. With a knife, cut the puff pas­try in equal-size stripes. See pic­ture. Set aside some of the puff pas­try so you have enough to make 2 hor­i­zon­tal stripes and 2 ver­ti­cal stripes at the end, to frame your braid­ing.
  3. Now that you have a rec­tan­gle cut into stripes, place a ver­ti­cal stripe at one end of one of the short­est sides of the rec­tan­gle.
  4. Flip every oth­er hor­i­zon­tal stripe over the ver­ti­cal stripe. See pic­ture.
  5. Now place bell pep­per stripes of one col­or ver­ti­cal­ly so as to make a ver­ti­cal line of one col­or (I chose red.) See pic­ture.
  6. Cov­er the ver­ti­cal line of bell pep­per with every oth­er hor­i­zon­tal pas­try stripes that you pre­vi­ous­ly flipped over to the side. See pic­ture.
  7. Cov­er the rest of the bell pep­per that is still exposed with the oth­er hor­i­zon­tal stripes that stayed flat on the parch­ment paper. See pic­ture. So at this point, your ver­ti­cal line of red bell pep­per is com­plete­ly cov­ered. Now, you can add a bell pep­per ver­ti­cal line of anoth­er col­or (I chose orange), and repeat the same process as with the red bell pep­per line (cov­er with the pas­try stripes that were flipped over, and then cov­er with the pas­try stripes that stayed flat on the parch­ment paper).
  8. Con­tin­ue the same process, cre­at­ing ver­ti­cal lines with all oth­er bell pep­pers, alter­nat­ing col­ors, until you have used up all the puff pas­try stripes.
  9. Once you are done mak­ing all your ver­ti­cal bell pep­per stripes, frame your pat­tern with stripes of puff pas­try, i.e. place puff pas­try stripes on each side of the rec­tan­gle. Press with your fin­gers.
  10. Set aside the puff pas­try with the bell pep­pers for 10 min­utes in the freez­er. In the mean­time, take your oth­er sheet of puff pas­try. It should be a rec­tan­gle of the same size as the one you used for your pat­tern. In the mid­dle of the rec­tan­gle, place slices of turkey and cheese. Sea­son with salt and pep­per. With a pas­try brush, brush part of an egg (egg wash) around your turkey and cheese. This will allow the top puff pas­try to stick to the bot­tom puff pas­try.
  11. Now remove the top pat­tern puff pas­try from the freez­er and place it on top of the bot­tom puff pas­try so as to com­plete­ly cov­er it. Note: this can be tricky to do. I rec­om­mend plac­ing the top puff pas­try with the parch­ment paper still under it, and then, once it is placed, gen­tly remove the parch­ment paper from under­neath. Press with your fin­gers all around the rec­tan­gle’s frame to ensure the top puff pas­try sticks to the bot­tom puff pas­try. With a pas­try brush, apply egg wash on the top puff pas­try.
  12. Bake in oven (on a bak­ing pan cov­ered with parch­ment paper) for 30 min­utes. Enjoy warm.

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Col­or­ful Bell Pep­per Tart
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