shrimp à la provençale

Delicious and Healthy Shrimp à la Provençale

Cook­ing “à la Provençale” means in the style of the region of Provence (south of France), which usu­al­ly involves cook­ing in olive oil with toma­toes and garlic/onion. This style of cook­ing is deli­cious and healthy. Today, I am shar­ing a shrimp recipe “à la Provençale” that is quick and easy to make.

shrimp à la provençale
My Shrimp à la Provençale

This deli­cious recipe is from a fel­low French blog­ger. You can find the recipe in French here.


For 3 people:

1 Half of a Red Pepper
20 Cher­ry Tomatoes
5 Branch­es of Fresh Thyme
1 Fresh Bay Leaf
1 Half of a Yel­low Onion
1 Pinch of Salt
Approx. 20 Frozen Raw Shrimp Peeled and Deveined (Tail Off)
2 Table­spoons of Olive Oil
Option­al: 1 Table­spoon of Pastis (a liquor) or Pastis Essence Flavour

Though the French recipe calls for a table­spoon of the French liquor of Pastis, I did not include it in my recipe and it was just as deli­cious. That being said, Pastis is the typ­i­cal drink of Provence, so if you want to make your shrimp extra provençale, you might want to think of adding it, or adding the Pastis Essence Flavour, which tastes the same but does not con­tain alcohol.

Also, I opt­ed to use only half an onion instead of an entire onion as US onions are two times big­ger than French onions!

Cooking Steps

Step 1: Cut the red pep­per and the onion in lit­tle pieces. Warm up the olive oil in a skil­let. Once the oil is warm (but not hot), put the salt, red pep­per and onion in the skil­let. Add the thyme and bay leaf. Let it cook for about 5 min­utes on medi­um-low heat.

onion, pepper and herbs
Red pep­per, onion, and herbs in skillet


Step 2: Add the toma­toes. Cook for 5 min­utes on medi­um heat.

tomatoes in skillet
Toma­toes in skillet


Step 3: Add the frozen shrimp. No need to thaw the shrimp, just add it as is (direct­ly from the freez­er.) Cook for about 4 min­utes until the shrimp turns com­plete­ly pink.

shrimp in skillet
Shrimp in skillet


OPTIONAL: If you want to add the Pastis spir­it or flavour, add it after 3 min­utes of cook­ing the shrimp, and then cook for 1 more minute with the Pastis included.

Mix and Serve:

shrimp à la provençale
My Shrimp à la Provençale


Bon Appétit!

French Mom




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