Top 5 Recipes

Here are my top 5 recipes, the most viewed recipes!

But first, I would like to take a sec­ond to thank all of you who made my recipes, com­ment­ed and/or liked my recipes on this blog or on social media (Face­book and Insta­gram). Thank you so much! Your enthu­si­asm is what keeps this blog alive! Keep cook­ing, com­ment­ing, and liking!

#1: Pretty Apple Rose Tarts

apple rose tarts

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These apple tarts are so pret­ty they look like ros­es! And they taste as good as they look! The best of both worlds! No won­der this recipe is the most viewed recipe!

#2: Incredibly Easy French Baguette

homemade french baguette

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No knead­ing and no machines required, all you need is a baguette pan! These baguettes are so incred­i­bly easy to make, they require absolute­ly no pri­or knowl­edge in bak­ing! Sim­ply put, this is the eas­i­est baguette recipe you will ever find. And what is bet­ter than hav­ing a warm French baguette, fresh out of your oven!

#3: Brioche (French Sweet Bread)


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This amaz­ing recipe allows you to eas­i­ly make a deli­cious sweet bread that will come out per­fect­ly moist, each and every time! No won­der this Brioche recipe is the 3rd most viewed recipe!

#4: French Chouquettes


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Light and airy, these chou­quettes are deli­cious sweet treats! And they are impos­si­ble to find in the US, so being able to make them your­self in the com­fort of your home is real­ly spe­cial! This makes this chou­quettes recipe the 4th most viewed recipe!

#5: Tarte Tatin (French Upside-down Apple Tart)

tarte tatin

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The Tarte Tatin is prob­a­bly the most well-known French Tart. It is an upside-down tart with caramelized apples. My Tarte Tatin recipe is very easy to fol­low, and the result is impressive!


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